The Ten Essentials tools in your backpack

Backpacking ten essentials: the first ten items in this list are the selections of essential backpacking gear which the Mountaineers refer to as The Ten Essentials and promote as critical and essential items which belong in your pack as insurance against the unexpected. Although you may not use all the backpacking ten essentials every day, they can be life savers in an emergency.

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5 things to pay attention for safe climbing

Mountain climbing is viewed by some as an extreme sport, while for others it is simply an exciting, exhilarating, and rewarding experience. For those considering taking up mountain climbing, even for a one-day adventure, it’s not enough to just show up with some kind of boots and backpack. It's very important to have the appropriate equipment for the route,  know the weather conditions and the most substantial to be physically prepared to go the distance, as there aren’t any quick exits from the side of a mountain.

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