Mountaineering is more than climbing, panoramic view and wilderness experience. It is also challenge, risk and hardship. And it is not for everyone. Those drawn to the mountains can find them exhilarating and irresistible, as well as frustrating and sometimes even deadly.

05 Nov 2016

Your backpack is the most important piece when you go climbing because will carry all your precious gear, and might accompany you on every trip you take for years. So choosing the right backpack it can be overwhelming at first glance. Here are some questions that we try to answer to make the experience a little less intimidating.

27 May 2015

Mountain climbing is certainly not for the faint-hearted.  It's a risky activity uncluding climbing mountains the hard way with an ice axe, crampons, cams, and rope, but at the same time it's a challenge and perseverance. Climbing some of the world’s most dangerous mountains is a dream of every serious rock climber.

29 Mar 2015