Classic Hikes of the World

Peter Potterfield, in his book Classic Hikes of the World covers the world’s best hiking routes across seven continents, making this a bible for intrepid trekkers. He tells us his picks for the world's 15 best hikes, including Patagonia, Tasmania, Newfoundland, and Petra.

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Hike warm and dry in rainy season

Everybody loves hiking in moderate temperatures beneath a bright, sunny sky, right? But the weather won't always match up with our hiking schedule. Follow these tips for a much more comfortable and pleasant backcountry adventure—even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

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Kokino - the forth oldest megalithic observatory in the world Featured

If you travel around Southeast Europe and the Balkans, the best place for hiking is definitely Kokino. Acording to NASA, this archaeo-astronomical site is the forth-oldest megalithic observatory in the world. It is located in the north-eastern part of Macedonia at 19 kilometres from the town of Kumanovo and in the village vicinity of Kokino.

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