Free Android Outdoor, Hiking & Mountain Biking apps

In today world of technology is it wasted if you are not using your smartphone when you are going on hiking, climbing, mountain biking, skiing, ski touring or some other activity that you enjoy. Our list of some of the best free Android apps for Outdoor activities, Hiking & Mountaing Biking. 

Which hiking boots are the best for you?

Comfy boots that fit your feet are the key to hiking and backpacking bliss, while poorly fitting ones will ruin your day.

Clothes for hiking

Hikers always have too many questions  and doubts when it comes to what clothes to wear for hiking. Because of weather conditions, which dramatically change over the course of the day, choosing the right clothes is a very important part of the process. 

Tim Mueller's backpack

Tim Mueller is a climber, an alpinist, and a photographer. He started climbing young, approximately 12 years ago, at the tender age of 8 and today he is a professional climber. "While it used to be something I did for fun, a hobby, I quickly discovered my passion and excitement for it. With climbing I have been in the fortunate position to travel, which has opened my eagerness to people and experiencing different cultures" - says Tim Mueller on his website.

Choose the right alpine climbing backpack for you

Your backpack is the most important piece when you go climbing because will carry all your precious gear, and might accompany you on every trip you take for years. So choosing the right backpack it can be overwhelming at first glance. Here are some questions that we try to answer to make the experience a little less intimidating.